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Dues cover many services, including:​​

  • Accounting and taxes

  • Cable TV and internet

  • Exterior and grounds maintenance

  • Insurance and legal fees

  • Ice machines and wireless internet

  • Management, repairs, and maintenance

  • Office expenses

  • Exterior pesticide applications

  • Propane for Bay and Hill buildings

  • Spa maintenance

  • Exterior utilities, water, and sewer

How old is the building’s roof?

  • All five buildings had new Owen Corning 50-year shingles installed in 2023.

Do you have boat slips available?

  • Yes, the HOA offers seasonal leases and 'amenity' or weekly leases. Check with the HOA manager for details.

How hot is the spa water, and what sanitizer do you use?

  • The spa water is 104 degrees inside the mechanical room, the maximum temperature allowed by Montana state law. The water inside the tub runs around 102 degrees. Bromine is used as the sanitizer, and the spa chemical balance is checked twice daily.

Can we upgrade our cable television package?

  • Yes, the HOA provides a cable package included with your dues. Spectrum, the service provider, offers additional upgrades, including sports coverage, billed directly to you.

Can I leave a car on site?

  • No, per the by-laws: “No vehicles may be left in storage on site.”  Owners are permitted on unassigned parking space per condo.

Can I bring my dog?

  • No, the by-laws are very clear: “All pets are forbidden in any part of the condominium project at all times.” 

Does the HOA have a swimming pool?

  • No, the swimming pool area is privately owned and operated by ELK, LLC. Access for homeowners and guests is never guaranteed and is offered at the discretion of ELK, LLC. They also own and operate the Tiki Bar, casino, and restaurants located in the Resort Building.

When was my building built?

  • The Bay and East Hill buildings were completed in 1982, the Courtyard in 1985, the Waterfront in 1989, and the West Hill in 1994.

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